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Translink Translations

Our homepage. You are here right now. This is your starting point for more information on how to get your technical manual, patent, MSDS, website, etc. translated at an affordable price, based on a transparent rates structure.

Translation Services
We offer technical translation services in various specialist domains, from and into most European languages. Learn more about our integrated website translation method, our main areas of specialisation, special expertise in the field of MSDS translations, and the document types we can handle.

Quality Assurance
We apply rigorous quality assurance procedures to all work performed. In summary, these QA procedures aim at ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and perfect legibility of the translated technical document.

Some of the companies we work for, including fellow translators, and translation agencies we regularly work for, mostly on projects requiring specialist technical expertise.

Rates & Quote
Discover our transparent, no-surprise rate structure. Do not hesitate to send us your document to get your free quote.

Company Profile
The people behind Translink Technical Translations - experienced technical translators, proofreaders, and project co-ordinators. We have also included driving directions should you wish to pay us a visit.

Monolingual and multilingual technical glossaries, dictionaries, and translation tools. Also some links to our friends and neighbours.

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MSDS Translation: Translation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Definition: What is an MSDS?
Workflow: How to translate your MSDS?
Pricing: How much does it cost?
Documentation: MSDS Terms and Acronyms
Dictionary: Dictionary of MSDS terms
Common abbreviations: Glossary of Common MSDS Abbreviations
Official Acronyms: Glossary of Official Acronyms
Legal Translation: Translations of legal documents
Quality Assurance: Translink Quality Assurance
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