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Translink Quality Criteria for Technical Translations

Our translation quality assurance procedures, as outlined in detail in the Translation Methodology section, focus on the three main issues any translator has to deal with, namely: accuracy of translation, consistency of content (technical terminology) and legibility of the target document.


A translation should, of course, accurately reflect the technical and other content of the source document. We achieve this by accepting only jobs in our areas of expertise, by consulting authoritative and up-to-date terminology resources (both online and in printed dictionaries) and, perhaps most importantly, by entrusting your documents exclusively to native speakers.


In a technical document, every term should uniquely define one concept, part, element, etc. Equally important as accuracy with respect to the quality and usability of the translation, consistency is achieved through the compilation of (client approved) glossaries and translation memories, and the use of the appropriate CAT tools (Computer-Aided Translation). We are a fan of Atril's Déjà Vu translation environment, but also work with Trados, Transit, Wordfast, and SDLX.


Finally, the legibility of a translation is an often neglected, but very important QA concern. In fact, perfect accuracy and consistency amount to nothing if the translated document contains awkward wordings or is not easy to read for the target audience. In our approach toward QA, achieving perfect legibility, and appropriate style is the primary task of the reviewer (see the section Translation Standards for a definition according to the European translation draft standard prEN-15038).